Welcome to KIHD Products the home of the KIHD Stove.  The company was started by four avid canoeists who got tired of carrying extra weight when going on back country adventures.  As you know, we all need a nice warm meal at the end of a long paddle and  portaging day. 

Carrying a stove with the fuel it needs to operate adds unnecessary weight to what would overall be a great experience. 

During our last outing we decided to look at options to lighten the weight of our gear. We came up with the idea of carrying a collapsible stove,  light enough and strong enough to cook on and brew the best outdoor coffee in the back country.  The KIHD Stove is a portable wood stove that you can use to cook or boil water  in a few minutes after starting it up. 

The stove is a Canadian design and is entirely fabricated in Burlington, Ontario Canada.
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Upcoming event: KIHD Products to perform some KIHD Stove demo during Outdoor Oriented Paddle Day May 7th, 2017 event starts at 10 am to 4 pm at Charles Daley Park                                                  New product now available: Titanium Stove, Collapsible Cutlery Set