Who are we?

KIHD Products Team
KIHD Products is a Canadian company founded by four avid paddlers who have been tripping together for a number of years. Two of us have been tripping together for over twenty-five years (Ingo Hetzer and Denis Lacasse) with one coming on board fifteen years ago (Keith Park) and the rookie (Helge Hetzer) for the last five years.


Today we enjoy a couple of multi-day trips per year canoeing in Algonquin Park in the summer and fall.  During one of our outings, we decided to see what we could do to reduce the weight of our packs by trying to reduce the amount of fuel carried on multi-day trips.  So we started to look at a stick stove.


Starting with a couple of prototypes in a variety of sizes and configurations the challenge was on.  After two years of playing around with various elements of the design, we hit on the one that we liked. This led to what is now the KIHD Stove. We are proud to say that it has a Canadian design patent and is entirely fabricated in Burlington Ontario.
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