KIHD Products provide light weight camping equipment

for portaging, backpacking, hiking, survival and emergency preparedness.
We offer the KIHD Stove and KIHD Reflector ovens which are collapsible and light-weight, compact blow tube, lightweight and collapsible cutlery and Ferro Rod fire starters
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What’s the KIHD Camping Experience?

KIHD Stove Basic camping stove made of cold rolled steel.


with the KIHD collapsible stove, a compact stick stove for outdoor cooking.
Light weight cutlery made of stainless steel


Chow down with this stainless steel collapsible knife, fork, and spoon set.
camping chair made of light aluminium


In the event of an emergency use our shelter or Medikit.
KIHD Stove Basic

KIHD Stove Basic


KIHD Reflector Oven

KIHD Reflector Oven


KIHD Reflector Oven

Wooden Handle Fire Starter


KIHD Stove Basic Plus

KIHD Stove Basic Plus


KIHD Toaster


KIHD Reflector Oven

Steel Retractable Blowing Tube


KIHD Stove Deluxe

KIHD Stove Deluxe


KIHD Titanium Pot 750ml


KIHD Reflector Oven
Collapsible Cutlery Set


KIHD Stove Ultimate

KIHD Stove Ultimate


KIHD Titanium Pot 1100ml


Titanium spoon

KIHD Titanium Spoon


True North Trade Craft KIHD Stove Review

Review of the KIHD Stove: Collapsible, Compact, Capable & Canadian.

The KIHD Stove is a small and sturdy collapsible stick stove from KIHD Products.  Read more

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