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KIHD Products
This is the site where instructional video will be put on and video on how to use the KIHD Stove
KIHD Products instruction Video
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Published at 2016, September 04
How to assemble the KIHD Stove
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KIHD Stick Stove - Lunch in the Woods Test Run - THE VIDEO
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Published at 2018, April 12
At the Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto this year, I picked up a KIHD Stick Stove. I had been wanti
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How To: HOT fishing lunch in UNDER 20 mins!
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Published at 2017, April 04
SURPRISE ENDING... watch the whole thing!

In this video, i show you hot to prepare a HOT, home styl
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The KIHD Products KIHD Stove are now available at Timber's Outfitters in Seaforth Ontario and at Frontenac Outfitters in Sydenham Ontario. Dismiss